Fee Schedule


Picnic Area Fees

Group Size              In-District          Out of District        Deposit  

 0-50       People            $25                          $50                     $0

51-100     People            $50                         $100                   $50

101-200  People            $75                          $150                   $100

200+        People            $100                       $300                 $100

Deposits: are returned with in 5 days of the event and a satisfactory

 inspection of the facility used. 


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 Call 530-926-2494

Bel Air Park/ Sons Park Ball Fields

                                                                         In-District              Out of District  

 - Three (3) Day Tournaments                       $300                       $400 

 - Three  Day Tourney with concession       $100                         $150

                      (Food & Beer)   

- Day Use ONLY (ball field)                            $100                         $150

- Key/Scoreboard Deposit                              $250                         $250  

   Separate Payment - REFUNDABLE                                         


Fill out CONTACT US form or 

Call 530-926-2494

Swimming Pool Rental

                                                                         In-District              Out of District  

$100 per hour  2 hour minimum                $200                             ***

$150 per hour 2 hour minimum                     ***                             $300

For pool hours and class schedules please click below 

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Community Center

The new Weed Community Center is under construction andis set to  Opening in The early Fall of 2018 

Please check back for fee schedule 

If you would like more information or would like to donate to the project please click the link below 

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The District Board of Directors does have a waiver policy and does reserve the right to waive user fees to youth and non profit organizations 

The District Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse use of the park for any activity the District Administrator deems inappropriate. 

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